Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Lashes of London Competition

First of all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Quick post about the Lashes of London competition, they are giving away a Dress of your choice and pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Enter here, Good luck! 
Charlotte x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Topshop Wish List

As winter is coming, I'm in dire need for some new shoes which we will more substantial than pumps and converse.
I've raided the new and HUGE Topshop in Leeds which is now their flagship store in the UK.
On the day of opening 11th October, my plan was to queue up early, to have a look around and to see the special guest which turned out to be Pixie Geldof however I decided it was a good idea to go out the night before and slept through my alarm. I'm still gutted

In the flagship store they have their first complimentary personal shopping service available in the 31,000 sq ft store. The store also offers all the latest product promotions, trends, limited edition ranges and exclusive collaborations will be spread across three floors.
I think everyone needs to come to Leeds and visit!
The Topshop that we have in Grimsby is tiny, and when I saw the shoe collection in the new flagship store I was in foot heaven.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jingle bells

Well it's been a while since I last blogged as I've moved to Leeds and I've been busy being a fresher (poor and drunk)
But I'm currently procrastinating from doing my revision..
So far I have had a 3hour nap and put the Christmas tree up, I thought that coming home for the weekend would make it easier for me to revise, however you don't realise how much you miss your double bed, a proper sofa and a 42" television until, when you're at uni.
Everyone is back in Grimsby for their Christmas holidays and I've got to go to Leeds next week for two exams till I can come home for mine. But I do have David there all week and I'm out for two birthdays, which I'm really excited for, as I get to wear my new American Apparel leotard- if I can find some tit tape!
Here's the wonderful Christmas tree that I decorated and then my mother and step father (Nez) ruined, it may have been hilarious watching Nez wrestle with the christmas tree but no one has any effort to make it perfect again :')

Ps. Sorry about the poor quality, I didn't bring my camera/laptop home with me, so I'm on David's iPad. I glad I got a photograph before they ruined it
I'm ever so excited for Christmas, been very organised this year and got most my shopping done weeks ago, however I need to get David's main Christmas present as I've changed my mind what I'm getting him, and now I have no idea.

Yesterday outfit was highly un-suitable for the weather, however i wanted to wear my new top and I didn't pack too well for the weekend at home. It was pouring down with rain and me and David had to get the bus to his uni to hand in his work for his deadline, I can officially say a fur jacket, shorts and pumps is NOT suitable for rain and wind.

Again, ps. poor quality photograph

Anyway, I'm enjoying the house to myself, while watching Big Bang theory

Happy holidays!

Charlotte x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

bad luck lary

I have been fairly busy this week,
Monday was a scorcher, so me and David decided to walk round Pennell's garden centre, and ended up having lunch which was lovely. The plan was to go strawberry picking after, however either of us had any change so we decided to walk to tesco and buy theirs instead. Not as fun, but we still got strawberries!
Went to David's band, Valys' gig that night, they played along side Orange, which is a band from California
Don't know why they came all the way to Grimsby on their tour, but apparently they love it here...
The gig was good, Valys played a great set (as always), you should definitely give them a like on facebook and listen to their EP's. Though, I wasn't too keen on Orange, they are a pop punk band which isn't my cup of tea, and their image just didn't look right at all however i did enjoy their cover of LMFAO- sexy and i know it

Tuesday I camped out in my friend- Beth's back garden with David and Adam, it was unbelievably hot, I only had my dressing gown as a cover and i sleep fantastic, I bloody hope Leeds Fest is like that! .... hmm
Me and David had a BBQ and then we had hot choccies before sleeping in the wilderness

Unfortunately i missed out on most of the sun due to work, boo, however less than a week till MALLORCA :)

This is what i wore today,
Top:Handmade, Shorts:Levis via eBay, Socks:Primark

Decided to wear my tie dye top today for good luck, I did have this on eBay, but none bidded for it :( so it's all mine now! I love the colours and the pattern of this top, its one of my favourites from the selection we did, so hopefully doing some more again in august!
My Levi's are a god send, i'm definitely getting some more asap, they just go with everything and anything, and i'm constantly wearing them. I decided not to wear my socks after all, due to the huge hole in them and they didn't go with my shoes which I wanted to wear for my driving test

Which, i didn't pass... or fail....
Definitely think that it's fate not letting my pass my test!
The past two tests I have only failed due to minor faults, which just suck. THIRD TIME LUCKY? well.. all ready and calm about taking it, for what could have been the last time, get in the car, all ready, and the car has a puncture. My instructor has a spare one, so I thought it was all sorted, but the wrench (or whatever) is broken so we couldn't change it over. so that meant that I couldn't take my test 
NOW I have to wait till September to take it, such a piss take
and i've been in a pooey mood all day, i'm just bad luck 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

This week

It's been my cousin- Alice's 18th this week so i have been busy celebrating with a bit too much alcohol
On Thursday (her birthday) we went shopping... for hours, and then had a night out in Cleethorpes, I didn't get in till 4 in the morning. I love my wedges, but once you've been wearing them and dancing for a good 6 hours, they were no longer my friends

I slept in until 3 in the afternoon, and managed to sleep the hangover away. Thankfully. After waking up, and getting ready, we went back out, for a night out in Town, wasn't as mad, but still a good night!

So, hopefully Alice had a great birthday. I'm taking her to get her first Tattoo soon for her birthday present, eek

We had the cutest birthday cupcakes

Raspberry and chocolate icing on the top, with all the frills, feathers and candles. These were so lovely, but one was enough for me! 

Shopping buys of the week! 

I managed to find myself a new foundation!
My current one - Rimmel, Match Perfection in Soft Beige, was starting to make my skin oily and the foundation wasn't complementing my face at all

So i thought i'd try out- 17, Miracle Matte foundation in a Natural shade
Available HERE
So far, i LOVE it, gives a great matt finish to my skin and isn't oily at all. I decided to go all out and also buy a foundation bush as i was getting bored of using a sponge. However i went for the cheapest option- £1 from savers to trail it out first

Primark £6

I'm in love with this beaded cross top, absolute bargain! Really shocked when i saw this in primark!
It will go lovely with my midi length turquoise skirt, some cute ankle socks and brogues

Also, the cat has been a brave boy and went to the vets, had his jabs and tiggy is a'ok!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I have to send off my CDs/old Xbox games to music magpie in a box, for an excellent £6
Today i purchased my box that cost me £2, which i had to then assemble myself.. i didn't think that this would be much of a task but

In the end, it took about 15 minutes to build, i then had to basically break it to open it again, and it doesn't even fit all my CDs/Games in .....

Music Magpie also refused to take my Atomic Kitten Album.. i still don't understand why they wouldn't want it?!


Why get a tattoo, when you can do this?

Okay, so today i found out about Scarification... 
Safe to say i was stunned and i shan't be getting any done myself!

Scarification is when you scratch, etch or burn designs, pictures or words into the skin, so scars are formed

I like Hello Kitty, but that is just too extreme!

I think they could settle down and look ok, however i think i have enough scars as it is from falling over, let alone burning or cutting my skin for a design on purpose

USE A SKETCHPAD, it won't hurt as much

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

DIY Tie-Dye Swimsuit Cover-up

Renewed Style: DIY Tie-Dye Swimsuit Cover-up:

I go to Mallorca at the beginning of August on my 18th Birthday and i'm determined to make one of these to stroll around MAGA in

Monday, 16 July 2012


Valys' new single, is coming out soon! :)

They are doing so well!


If you ask for a compliment, it's not a compliment