Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why get a tattoo, when you can do this?

Okay, so today i found out about Scarification... 
Safe to say i was stunned and i shan't be getting any done myself!

Scarification is when you scratch, etch or burn designs, pictures or words into the skin, so scars are formed

I like Hello Kitty, but that is just too extreme!

I think they could settle down and look ok, however i think i have enough scars as it is from falling over, let alone burning or cutting my skin for a design on purpose

USE A SKETCHPAD, it won't hurt as much


  1. OMG!!! That is rank! I have a few tatts, but I am CERTAIN they don't hurt like this would. YUK.

    Great blog hun.

    Sheree x


  2. Yeah, i know! They look so painful

    and Thankyou, your blog is great too, I voted for you in the cosmo awards :) good luck!