Saturday, 21 July 2012

This week

It's been my cousin- Alice's 18th this week so i have been busy celebrating with a bit too much alcohol
On Thursday (her birthday) we went shopping... for hours, and then had a night out in Cleethorpes, I didn't get in till 4 in the morning. I love my wedges, but once you've been wearing them and dancing for a good 6 hours, they were no longer my friends

I slept in until 3 in the afternoon, and managed to sleep the hangover away. Thankfully. After waking up, and getting ready, we went back out, for a night out in Town, wasn't as mad, but still a good night!

So, hopefully Alice had a great birthday. I'm taking her to get her first Tattoo soon for her birthday present, eek

We had the cutest birthday cupcakes

Raspberry and chocolate icing on the top, with all the frills, feathers and candles. These were so lovely, but one was enough for me! 

Shopping buys of the week! 

I managed to find myself a new foundation!
My current one - Rimmel, Match Perfection in Soft Beige, was starting to make my skin oily and the foundation wasn't complementing my face at all

So i thought i'd try out- 17, Miracle Matte foundation in a Natural shade
Available HERE
So far, i LOVE it, gives a great matt finish to my skin and isn't oily at all. I decided to go all out and also buy a foundation bush as i was getting bored of using a sponge. However i went for the cheapest option- £1 from savers to trail it out first

Primark £6

I'm in love with this beaded cross top, absolute bargain! Really shocked when i saw this in primark!
It will go lovely with my midi length turquoise skirt, some cute ankle socks and brogues

Also, the cat has been a brave boy and went to the vets, had his jabs and tiggy is a'ok!


  1. wow love that primark top - gonna have to pop in now!

    saw your gonna be studying in leeds... you should keep up to date with tweets from @blogzillaevents we are hosting events for leeds based (and surrounding area) bloggers

    1. you should, its such a bargain!

      and oh wow, thankyou, i've followed it so i'll keep checking it :)